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I’m proud to be the niece of the breeder Monika Bollinger – and often able to experience the devotion with which she raises and cares for her dogs. Early in the morning she is to be found in the kitchen, in her wellies, cooking loads of porridge with carrots, corn and quark for the babies. Then, after feeding the “zoo” with fresh meat, she lets the dogs out into the meadows that are part of the kennels, while she gets down to the job of cleaning inside, scraping and sweeping any mess away.

Then the visitors start to arrive, wanting their wee darlings trimmed or seeking advice – or possibly just for the pleasure of visiting Kolben’s gay, flowering meadows and enjoying the hospitality of the inhabitants, whether two-footed or “four-pawed”!

Forty years of experience makes itself apparent wherever you look – from the healthy food to the living-quarters, life-style and shining coats of the dogs.

Each and every puppy is lovingly raised among the flora of the summer or the snow-laden trees of Winter.

Never will I forget the long days I spent among the merrily squeaking, tail-wagging young dogs that romped with us children over the meadows surrounding the Allgäu house.

I was able to share the experience of litters being born- exciting hours spent with the mother-to-be and the joy of watching the babies at the milk-bar.

Don’t miss this lively household – visit the Cockers of Schloss Hellenstein – fall in love with the gorgeous dogs – perhaps one of them will fall for you!                                                                                            
 Anika Bollinger



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